Entrepreneur Goddess Queen vs. Work-From-Home Hermit Troll

I have a split personality. Inside of me lives two very different, very real beings:

One is an effervescent goddess who shoots rainbows and bubbles from her wand, as she charges forth in life on the back of her magical, light-footed, pink unicorn.

The other is a crusty, pasty ol’ troll who lives in a dark cave, snarling and grumbling and avoiding sunlight as much as possible.

Welcome to the Jekyll-and-Hyde life of a work-from home entrepreneur.

A few weeks ago, I posted about my freedom fund, and how I was able to use my savings to quit my job, carve my own career path and live the life of my dreams.

My days are full of freedom, flexibility and creativity. I’m my own boss, with my own schedule and my own plans.

It’s awesome. And sometimes, it’s also terrible.

You know what’s funny (and not so funny) about the picture above? I own that hermit troll outfit. I’ve lived in that outfit for days at a time. There are days when I forget to leave the house.

Then there are days where I feel freakin’ magical – like I’m riding on the back of the proverbial unicorn of life, kicking ass and taking names. I’m getting new clients, drawing up a storm and meeting other cool entrepreneurs (who are also on their own proverbial unicorns of life).

It’s a beautiful, constant struggle between my two halves. And I never know which side of me will win out on any given day.

Here’s how the battle between my Entrepreneur Goddess Queen self and Work-From-Home Hermit Troll shakes out:

truth about working from home

Anyone who works for themselves can probably relate. My new life isn’t always pretty and perfect. I need to schedule showers and social interaction to remind myself to get up off the couch.

But…on the days that I feel like a troll in a cave, I remind myself that I have the option. That even on the days where I feel isolated and grimy, I had the guts to quit my job and create a life on my own. It’s the best problem to have in the world.

And no matter who shows up – my entrepreneur goddess self or my hermit troll alter ego – I wouldn’t trade my new lifestyle for anything 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Entrepreneur Goddess Queen vs. Work-From-Home Hermit Troll

  1. Sukriti

    This is EXACTLY how I feel on days I don’t have to be at my part-time job, and I am supposed to be doing the stuff I quit my full-time job to be able to do! So glad I’m not alone 🙂

    1. Stephanie Halligan Post author

      So glad I’m not alone! It’s hard to find the motivation to put on real clothes 🙂

  2. Chas

    You are blessed to be in the position you are in. Remember that. If you feel the need for some sort of regiment, or schedule in your life, there are always programs through your local community schools program you could participate in, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, maybe even archery, if you choose. Who knows, maybe you could be the stand-in for the next Hunger Games sequel.

  3. Erin @ Gen Y Finances

    Yeah, I’m still trying to find the balance between goddess queen and troll. It would probably help if I didn’t look so much like a troll every day and actually bathed before 7 PM (considering I’m a morning showerer!) I’m considering spending half my work time at a local coffee shop just so I have motivation to not look like something that got caught in a drain…

  4. TC

    I had a quick look at the post, scroll down and saw the pictures and comparison before I read the article. First thing came to mind is that they are the same people written up by two different angle of imagination.

    You know what, I like the same outfit and not-showered myself more most of the time. Just let me get on with my work. I only feel queenlike when I am very pleased with the outcome of my work. Until than I would rather stay in my cave.


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