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Ode to the Financial Planner: Making Money Dreams Come True

I’m sharing my story of why I believe I’d succeed as a financial planner who gets paid for their personal financial advice. If you’d like to participate or learn more, check out this post via XY Planning Network!


Each direction you look – in a blog or a book –

Is someone who’ll give you advice

About how to invest and save all the rest

And build a life that feels stable and nice

But while financial advice is all good and nice

It’s actually hard to begin

To build money traction and put it all into action

And that’s where a planner comes in!

A planner is great if you hesitate

Out of fear of the unknown and risk

Feel lost and confused? Planners know what to do

…And I’d love getting paid to do this!

I’d be great helping others get hold of their druthers

And decide what would be best for their dough

I’d serve as their guide to help them decide

Just where all their money should go

I’d use all my power to help and empower

Anyone who was wanting to be

More wealthy and stable, less stressed and more able

And ultimately financially free

But it’s more than advice that makes this work so nice

And why I’d be great helping others make plans

It is truly my gift to help people shift

And believe they can be all they can

I’d teach them the rule that money’s a tool

And reaching goals is what it’s all for

I’d help them to see just how great life could be

If they had all that they wanted and more

Being a planner, you see, is more than to be

A person managing what you bring in

A planner, to me, helps others to see

How money helps all those dreams to begin

As a planner, I’d do all I could for those who

Want their money to bring them more bliss

I’d tell others they could create a life that feels good

And that’s why I’d kick butt doing this 🙂

financial planners

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