5 thoughts on “3 Costly Mistakes Families Typically Make When Saving For College

  1. Tackling Our Debt

    Well detailed post. People should start saving for college when they are young. I started a savings account when I was 10 and any money I earned or received as gifts went in there. Plus back then interest rates on savings accounts was 20% or more so I was fortunate enough to apy for college with my savings account and still have money left for a new car.

  2. Drew

    Right, it’s never too early to start saving for college, maybe the biggest mistake is not starting earlier. This advice of course is no use if you’ve left it too late, but if it still applies to your situation then start now!

  3. jefferson

    fantastic post..
    i actually didn’t know the part about having the account in my name instead of the kids.. we are planning on opening 529’s early next year, and i will put this knowledge to good use.


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