Money Personality: Are You a Protector, Planner, Pleaser or Player?

Do you overanalyze everything – even your grocery lists? Do you tend to treat your friends and family to dinner or drinks? Are you a major risk taker?

Depending on how you approach the world – and more specifically depending on your personality type – you could end up with a financially stable future … or hardly any money at all.

The folks at LearnVest posted a great article correlating your Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality type to how you use money. There are sixteen MBTI personality types (you can take the Myers-Briggs test online for free), and finding out your type can be revealing and enlightening.

I’m an INTJ – which is totally spot on for me 🙂


Ever since I found out I was an Introvert (an outgoing introvert) it’s helped me understand how I manage both my life and my money. I tend to react from the gut, base my decisions on thoughtful, logical analysis and absorb information before I give an opinion. I’m decisive, a book worm, a perfectionist, a dreamer – and I also share a personality type with JFK and Putin (not sure how I feel about that one).

Being an INTJ also means I like to plan things out way in the future – which makes me good at setting big-picture financial goals, but not so good at enjoying the moment. And that’s absolutely how I act with my money.

Even if you don’t know your Myers-Briggs personality type, check out the money personality categories below to see which one you identify with most.

What’s Your Money Personality Type?

The Protector

Do you tend to make lists? Pour over the details? Play it safe? … You’re a Protector (“SJ” personality types)

Protectors are very conservative. They think ahead, make lists and don’t take too many risks. They buy the same brands, and shop at the same stores. Any unexpected, unanticipated changes in life or income cause Protectors to go into panic. For this reason, Protectors should focus on building an emergency fund so they don’t feel out of control when something major hits.

The Planner

Do you think big picture? Are you in your head a lot? Do you dream of the future? … You’re a Planner (“NT” personality types … like me!)

This personality type is in it for the long-haul. They have long-term goals, weigh all of their options and track their progress religiously (yup – that’s me!). But if you’re too into big-picture thinking, you can miss out on opportunities today. Planners also have trouble spending and splurging in the moment (also me) and should consider creating an account or a slush fund to use for spontaneous moments in life.

The Pleaser

Do you take things personally? Do you give to others before yourself? Do you tend to make impulse purchases? … You’re a Pleaser (“NF” personality types)

This personality type uses money as an expression of their identity, with the goal of pleasing others and themselves. Money is all about emotional needs and a Pleaser tends to be less strict and rigid with his or her spending. Pleasers should be careful – if they tend to give money away freely, they may get taken advantage of by others. Pleasers may also tend to overspend in moments of high emotion.

The Player

Do you live in the moment? Do you embrace risk? Do you use your money to live life to the fullest? … You’re a Player (“SP” personality types)

This is the overly impulsive, optimistic and fun-loving spender. They’re more likely to take risks in both life and money. Since Players tend to be compulsive, they don’t think too long-term. They’re carefree and likely to be the ones at the highest financial risk. But with great risk can come great reward, and this personality type could succeed well in an entrepreneurial setting.

What’s your financial personality type? Tell me in the comments!

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