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Paying Off My Federal Student Loans Feels Soooooo Good!

I just got my official “you no longer owe us money” letter in the mail from the Federal Government.

I’m so happy I think I’ll frame it 🙂

What was once a $15,000 loan? Gone. That’s huge.

Now that I’ve dumped my federal student loans, my goal of becoming debt-free by the end of 2013 doesn’t seem so unrealistic anymore. I only have $3,388 left to pay off in private loans by the end of the year. Considering I started with over $30,000 almost 4 years ago exactly? Paying down few extra grand will be a piece of cake.

So in celebration of this monumental occasion, I leave you with all of the greatest student loan repayment memes the internet has to offer:

student loan meme



Episode 6 scene 15

P.S. In one month exactly, I’ll be biking 200 miles from Seattle to Portland. That’s a terrifying thought… but then I remind myself that I just paid off $15,000 in loans. I’m feeling pretty unstoppable right now 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Paying Off My Federal Student Loans Feels Soooooo Good!

    1. Stephanie Halligan Post author

      Not sure what I’ll do when I’ve paid off my private student loans… Probably treat myself to something nice, and then hoard away all of the money I would’ve been using to pay off my debt 🙂

  1. Lacie

    Good job girl!! I know how it feels to be crushed by the loans but like you I started with 36K in May of this year, and will be debt-free by Oct. of next year. It can be done and heres a toast to you and your hard work!


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