Personal Finance Blogger Unite!

I just signed up for a mega blog challenge. One that will probably push me to my blog limits. But it’s a once and a lifetime chance to interact with some of the best personal finance bloggers in the world. So bring it on 🙂

The Yakezie Challenge means that I’m committed to producing quality content, sharing it with the world and helping my fellow finance bloggers reach a common goal: help people with money. It means I have to post a lot and bring my worldwide website ranking down to below 200,000 (right now it’s at 24,000,000… a bit far off my goal).

I’m excited to start this journey into the blogosphere with so much support from the personal finance community.

If you’re a personal finance blogger, I’m curious to learn more about your website. What’s your blog’s mission? How do you want to help people with your website?

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