How to Find your Sweet Spot in Life (and Get More Money)

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“Why didn’t I think of that?”

I ask myself that question when I discover a clever app, read a blog full of personality, or find an amazingly unique product online.

I think about it when I see someone who’s really great at their job or who’s so true to themselves that you can’t help but fall in love with the things they produce.

Then one day I stopped asking myself that question. I stopped trying to imitate others and started my epic quest for my own “sweet spot.”

Uh, What the Heck is a “Sweet Spot?”

Your sweet spot is an intersection between the things that make you you and the things that people need. It’s the point in the middle of the Venn Diagram of life that lets you shine, draws people to your energy, and helps you fulfill a greater purpose in this world.

And the sweet spot is where happiness meets financial success.

My Weird Venn Diagram: Videogames and Personal Finance

I stumbled across my own random sweet spot a few years ago: personal finance, videogames and art. It’s allowed me to indulge in my quirky and creative side (like my obsession with German-style board games like Ticket to Ride and my love of painting) while making money and capitalizing on what I’m naturally good at: the human psychology behind finances.

It’s an odd combination, but I feel like I’ve found my place where I can make money and be incredibly happy.

Discovering Your Sweet Spot 

So imagine this…

  • What if you were paid to focus on your random obsession or obscure talent?
  • What if your readers loved your quirks just as much as your closest friends?
  • What if customers came to you because you reeked of authenticity?

So how do you find your sweet spot? It’s simpler than you think:

  1. Pick something that you’re good at (or something that you could easily become good at): What do you have experience in? What’s something that you could easily learn that would make you valuable to other people? Find just one thing that people will pay (or have paid) you for and hone in on that.
  2. Combine your skill with something surprising/awesome: What makes you crazy and different? What’s a weirdly unique piece of your personality? Bring that to the table. Show it off. Make sure that what makes you stand out actually stands out in whatever you do.
  3. Enjoy the natural success, fame and fortune that follows: Being true to yourself and finding something valuable to provide the marketplace is a powerful combination. But most of all, being authentic and fun while providing a service will naturally boost your happiness.

Once you find that sweet spot, when you’re sitting at the intersection between your skills and your personality, prepared to be amazed: when you’re doing what you’re meant to do in this world, the universe will start working in your favor in incredible ways.

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