The Perfect (and Affordable) V-Day Gift for Every Twenty-Something

Things are getting serious.

Whether you’re  coupled or single, if you’re in your twenties, you better be upping your romantic game. Now is the time of our lives (statistically) when we’ll meet our one true love, when we’ll get married, or when we’ll have our first really serious relationship.

And the only thing that could add more pressure to your love-life? Valentine’s Day.

V-Day. The pressure to show someone you care through flowers. The pressure to spend just the right amount of money without going over the top (but not coming across as cheap). The pressure to articulate your love through a box of chocolates. All on a single day in February.

No pressure.

Luckily, I’ve thrown together an easy guide to finding the perfect, affordable Valentine’s Day gift without spending too much money. I guarantee you’ll find the right present for your sweetheart… and if you’re in the market to buy me a Valentine’s gift, just follow the instructions below.

Click the flow chart for a bigger image.

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